Dave Stewart (Eurythmics, Annie Lennox) is a "Big Fan of Leonard Cohen"

David A Stewart (Wikipedia)

 From April 30, 2011  leonardcohenforum

Does the name Dave Stewart ring a bell?
Well it did not with me.
I am now the object of ridicule by my Hollywood extended family and their friends.

I was at a granddaughter's school for a fifth grade event.
Only a few parents and few grandparents were there because it was just the one class.
I spotted a man in the schoolyard wearing a fedora who looked sort of my vintage.
I told him when I see a man wearing a fedora it reminds me of Leonard Cohen.

He responded with an English accent, "I am a big fan of Leonard Cohen."

I told him about my passion for LC, the concerts I went to and showed him my photo with LC. (Yes, I always carry a copy with me.)

He told me he loved seeing him kneel by the guitarist who didn’t want him to do that.
I am a musician too.
I am Dave Stewart, the other half of xxx.
(I didnt recognize the other half he mentioned)

I helped Leonard Cohen write a song about 20 years ago.
Not for him, but for a French girl.
He told me her name, but it wasn't familiar.
He wasn't sure if the song was ever published
His wife came to get him and that ended our chat.

At son Leonard's Passover Seder that night (about 20 people), I asked him,
Do you know the name Dave Stewart, an Englishman..other half of... XXX,...Annie Lennox ?

My son howled at my innocence not knowing the name of this famous entertainer.

Eurythmics was the name of their band.

Others joined in to tease me.  I became the object of "friendly" ridicule all night.  I am so embarrassed.

I even had a camera with me.  Aw shucks.  Another missed LC opportunity.

I emailed Jarkko Arjatsalo, webmaster extraordinaire of leonardcohenfiles.com to ask if he knew the Dave Stewart/Leonard Cohen/French girl connection.

Jarkko sent me a link immediately. Thank you, Jarkko.

And like all great composers (Rossini was notorious for that), LC recently "borrowed" from himself for one of his new songs, "Feels So Good".

Mr Stewart's estimate of about 20 years ago was accurate.

It Just Feels  ("Other Songs" section, leonardcohenfiles.com)
Written by Leonard Cohen and David A Stewart,
recorded by Sylvie Marechal (Voie Lactee, France 1992)
It feels so good
And it feels so right
It feels like I've been rescued
In the middle of the night
And all the tricks and all the angels
And all the dirty rotten deals
They don't count now
They've been cancelled
And it feels, it just feels
Thank you Babe, thank you Babe

It feels so good
And it feels so right
It feels like I've been rescued
In the middle of the night
And the sweetest voice has spoken
And the deepest wound is healed
And the darkness is exploding
And it feels, it just feels
Thank you Babe, thank you Babe

It comes so sweet
And it comes so fast
It comes like windows breaking
I can take a breath at last
Thank you for the breaking
And thank you for the breath
And for sayin' it was nothing
Nothing meaning life or death
Thank you Babe…it just feels
That nice man must be deflated that this innocent did not know who he was.  But I was so intent on finding out more about his Leonard Cohen connection.  I may get to see him again in 2012. That will be the 6th grade graduation. If he wears a fedora again, I may be able to spot him. I will be more prepared then.
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