Two Outstanding Tributes Paid to JARKKO ARJATSALO

From Jan 11, 2011  leonardcohenforum

Krakow Leonard Cohen Event Tribute to Jarkko, Aug 6, 2010

Joe Way, representing North America, delivers a tribute to Jarkko along with Andrew Darbyshire (l), representing the South Pacific/Downunder and Sebastian Korta (r) representing Europe

Andrew Darbyshire, Joe Way, Jarkko, Sebastian Korta

* Krakow Leonard Cohen Event Tribute to Jarkko Arjatsalo *

...This is the 15th anniversary of the beginning of the leonardcohenfiles. Look at what you have started. This is one of the most amazing things that has happened to...most everyone reach our age and make this whole group of new friends around someone we thought only we liked and years ago. And now we have discovered this great community. So we are deeply indebted to you. And you are a great all the community here.
                                          *                               *                              *

Leonard Cohen's Tribute to JARKKO - Helsinki Concert - Aug 10, 2010

I was still on my European concert travels with limited computer access when I was lucky to view this Helsinki concert video of "I Tried To Leave You" on Youtube. It was so moving, it is still on my mind, one of my best memories of the World Tour.

LC paid tribute to Jarkko with Jarkko standing right there in front of the audience with Jarkko's home crowd.

When the camera panned to Jarkko, he looked so calm. But I was in tears watching this.

Thanks so much friends...You know it was a while ago things weren't going so well for me and my voice wasn't heard very often in very many places and a voice arose in this city. A man started a website called, "leonardcohenfiles", JARKKO ARJATSALO, who kind of kept my voice alive over these many years. So I want to thank him very much for that
* I Tried To Leave You *  (outro cued to start at 8.08)

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