Portland, Dec 8, 2010, Leonard Cohen Concert at the Rose Garden Arena Theater Of The Clouds, Closing Time Outro

From Jan 23, 2011  leonardcohenforum

I had read concert reports from Europe about LC lyrically reciting from his early version of "Closing Time" for his outro.
(Tom Sakic) From an early version of Closing Time, recorded by Anjani in 2006, and it's titled "Never Got To Love You"
In Oakland and then Portland, I was able for the first time to see him do this live.

In Portland, the audience was really into the spirit of his recitation with clapping in time to the music.
It was magical.

* Closing Time *
outro cued to start at 5.09

Ah, they're stacking up the chairs
and they're wiping down the bar
and I never got to tell you
just how beautiful you are
they ought to hand the night a ticket
for speeding, it's a crime
I had so much to tell you
But now it's closing time

Well, friends, I'd Like to keep you drinking
and dancing with you all night.

But, they've turned off the Budweiser sign.
The parking lot is dark.
People making their way to their cars and
Make sure you get into your own car
And drive to your own home...
Portland setlist thanks to Chris Bynum

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  1. Thanks kindly for all your postings, Arlene.

    I wrote this rather silly poem after Cohen's first Brisbane show. I wanted to share: http://theundersizedshadow.blogspot.com/2011/02/ive-been-wrong-before.html