Outside The Special Grammys, Jan 30, 2010

Outside the Wilshire Ebell Theatre

From Jan 30. 2010  leonardcohenforum

I showed up this afternoon at the Wilshire Ebell Theater wearing my fedora and Maarten's lovely lanyard and badge.

Are you Press? No, but I am with the Leonard Cohen Forum and I am here to make a report. Must have sounded and looked sufficiently official because security let me park in the VIP parking lot. Thank you, Maarten.

After that, battling security was not as successful. In fact there seemed to be more security men than the dozen or so lurkers.

Robert Kory arrived first wearing his trademark fedora - easy to spot. He registered at the offical desk and then was on his cellphone for quite a while.

I did see LC arrive in a large black Lincoln van (no one arrived in Limos)... In a few minutes, Sharon Robinson arrived with a man, walking up the side street and joined Robert Kory... Then Kory waited for Elliott Lefko, AEG North America Promotion and they all went inside.

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