Nashville Forum Dinner Meet-up, Nov 4, 2009

Dinner at Demo's night before the concert
Front: Bob (Celtictyde), Rachel (Holydove), Anne Way, Tony (Bill's Bar) Me, Linda & Dick Straub
Back: Chrsitian (silverbar), Joe Way, Ken(adian), Aaron, Cara (MusicCityGypsy)

Thanks to Cara (MusicCityGypsy) for organizing a great dinner meet-up

 She topped off the evening by taking us to Honky Tonk Row for a rousing good time. It was quite a fun "night before".

The Honky Tonk bar was "Robert's Western World". We were lucky that one of their most popular acts was there that night, HARRY FONTANA. He was so enjoyable to watch, he was very friendly with us, he was absolutely delightful, and he is FINNISH.

Harry Fontana, Aaron, Cara (MusicCityGypsy)

Linda Straub, Ken(adian), Dick Straub, Tony Curran (Bill's Bar), Anne Way

Harry Fontana and Me

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